C3 Junior League

C3 Women’s Network has implemented a mentorship program for middle and high school young ladies in the Dallas- Fort Worth area called C3 Junior League.  C3 Junior League will consist of young ladies grades 7-12. The program will consist of several college bound workshops, including scholarship and grant information, local college tours, public speaking coaching, networking events, confidence workshops, team-building exercises, and so much more!

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C3 Women’s Network truly believes that the youth are the future.  We want to do our part by helping young women in the community become inspired business professionals and entrepreneurs.



Our group mentoring program features a 5 month curriculum and consists of workshops in the areas of:

  • Self Esteem & Etiquette

  • Teamwork

  • Finance & Entrepreneurship

  • STEM

  • Higher Education



We are looking for mentors who want to help us build the next generation of Goal Diggers in DFW. As a mentor, you will help the girls with workshop exercises and become a safe space for the girls to communicate.

There is no monetary obligation for our mentors; we just ask that you attend each workshop and give your feedback and support.


We are looking for community partners to help us expand our reach in the community. Our program is funded by in kind donations and fundraisers. We need you to help us increase our intake. Our girls need a safe space to change the story line and embrace their willingness to succeed with women who believe in their dreams.


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Wannabe a Goal Digger? We are looking for young ladies ages 7-17 in the Dallas Fort Worth area that would like to join C3 Junior League. Our group mentoring program is FREE.

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