C3 Women's Network
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Our Mission:


We provide a safe space for women to connect, create, and collaborate.


Our Mission

We as members of C3 Women’s Network will educate, empower and encourage one another.

We will set expectations and accomplish goals together.

We will mentor girls to become charismatic women in our communities.

We will strive for greatness in everything that we do.

We are a goal digging movement.

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Charisma is all about self worth. We focus on self confidence, health, fitness, and creating a better lifestyle in order to become a stronger YOU. 



Community recognizes the importance of giving back.  We focus on social responsibility through volunteering and mentorship.



Character provides the essential tools for success. We will help you accomplish your goals whether it is a corporate career or entrepreneurial endeavors.


Our Events

C3 Women’s Network hosts events to encourage women empowerment, educate in our community, and  engage in self - health to become a stronger YOU.


2018 Scholarship Gala Gallery

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Get Involved

We are looking to join forces with amazing women who love to work together and give back for the greater good in our community. If you love to surround yourself with supportive women who will hold you accountable and help you reach your goals we need you!


Join c3 women’s network

Join a group of  strong women that empower one another, build empires together, and give back to the community.

c3 Junior League

Our group mentoring program for young ladies ages 7-17 focuses on building the next generation of Goal Diggers.

Make a Donation

Help us fund our Goal Digging Movement! With your generous donation, we will expand our outreach in the community.